Here Are All The Free Games You Can Play This Weekend On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

  • At any given time, there might be some kind of free game or free-play promotion going on, but right now it feels like there's an excessive number of these happening at the same time. Specifics vary by platform and what memberships you receive, but if you've contracted some time this weekend, there's likely something you can break out (or take on permanently) for free.

  • Those with a PS4 can play the full versions of Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch (with some limitations, like no access to Competitive Play) if they receive a PS Plus subscription. Siege's free-play event runs until February 18, while Overwatch's continues through February 19 (and provides access to the ongoing Year of the Dog event). The Metal Gear Survive beta is also now underway just before the game's launch and ends on February 18. PS Plus members also had just about free bonuses this week, including a Fortnite item pack, a Gem of War booster pack, and the newly released Mercenary Kings.

  • Reloaded Edition (as long as you took the original edition of the game when it was previously offered through Plus). Over on Xbox One, many of those same issues are occurring. Both Rainbow Six Siege and NBA 2K18 are playable for free through February 18--and, unusually, doing so doesn't need an Xbox Live Gold membership. You will, however, ask to be a Gold member to try out Overwatch. The Metal Gear Survive beta is also now participating. Meanwhile, the latest spate of free Games With Gold titles is now available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers for a limited time.

  • PC has maybe the best batting order of the three programs. The siege and Overwatch are playable for everyone without any memberships, and the Metal Gear Survive beta is live on Steam, unlike the previous, console-only trial. GOG is giving out a free game (Dungeons 2) right now, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, the newest Twitch Prime game is immediately available (Civilization IV: Complete Edition); both of these are yours to go on as long as you claim them in time.

  • If you're attending to actually spend some money, the weekly PS4 sale and Xbox One sale is ongoing, and all of Sony's recent platforms are in the midst of a just-launched PSN flash sale. On PC, Valve has kicked off Steam's Lunar New Year sale, while GOG's Chinese New Year sale is even going on.